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Gumbo DanceSport Championship - Rules for Teacher-Student Events

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Under advisement of the USA DanceSport Council and the acceptance by the USA Dance Governing Council, in an effort to provide DanceSport for all, under the guise of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sports-For-All initiative; USA Dance has replaced the competitive category of Mixed Proficiency with the competitive category known as Teacher Student (T/S).

During the refinement of the complete set of rules and sanctioning rights of this new category, the DanceSport Council grants sanctioning rights as a Special Project whereby organizers are permitted to establish sporting rules in keeping with the principles of USA Dance and the US Olympic Committee.

The following definitions and rules apply for Teacher Student couples in the USA Dance Gumbo DanceSport Championships:

Student: The Student must be a USA Dance Athlete member in good standing and may be of any age and either sex. The Student is the only partner judged.

Teacher: The Teacher may be of any age and either sex, regardless of the age and sex of the Student. The Teacher is not judged. The Teacher must be either a USA Dance Athlete or Professional Athlete member in good standing.

A Teacher may partner with multiple Students in multiple age divisions, levels and disciplines, but not the same event with more than one student, per the rules of entry and registration.

Eligible Events: The event eligibility rules apply only to the age, sex, and proficiency level of the Student. The Student will be judged against other Students in the same age, sex, and level categories that are also dancing with Teacher partners. Otherwise, all the eligibility rules of the Gumbo Championships apply to entries by T/S couples.

A T/S couple may not compete in other events as a non-T/S couple. However, the Student may enter other events with other amateur partners that are not dancing as a Teacher, and the Gumbo's standard rules will apply to those entries. If the Teacher Partner is an amateur DanceSport Athlete, then they have all the options available to them as any other amateur DanceSport Athlete, with their regular partner.

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